Dear Valued Client

As a valued client of AQRate, we wish to inform you that in during our recent engagements with the Financial Sector Charter Council (FSTC) the importance of reporting to the FSTC was highlighted for Measured Entities falling within the ambit of the Amended Financial Sector Code (FSC), Gazette 41287 of 1 December 2017.

Dear Valued Client

Still adjusting to lockdown? At AQRate all of our analysts are in the swing of things working from home and juggling bored children, unwashed dishes, and fighting the urge to comfort eat every 20 minutes - or is that just me?

Dear Valued Client,                                                                                                                        

In light of the recent escalation of the COVID-19 virus, we would like to highlight the utmost importance of the health and safety of our clients and staff members. We want to ensure you that AQRate is doing all that we can to comply with the guidelines set out by the President in his address to the nation on Sunday evening.

Dear Valued Client

Now that what always feels like the LONGEST month of the year is behind us, I am delighted to share the news that we have begun an exciting new chapter here at AQRate!

As the top BEE verification agency in South Africa, AQRate is committed to transformation and growth in equal employment opportunities within our country.

As such, we have restructured our management team, making way for new ownership and broad-based board members.

Automatic B-BBEE Status Level:

All EMEs and QSEs that are 100% Black Owned achieve an automatic Level One Contributor status. All EMEs and QSEs that are at least 51% Black Owned achieve an automatic Level Two status. EMEs that are between 30% and 51% Black Owned achieve an automatic Level Four status
EMEs that are less than 30% Black Owned achieve an automatic Level Five status.

Today the AQRate team gave a little back to the community by providing much needed stationery and making 670 sandwiches for the J.R Klopper Primary School in Elsiesrivier.

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Our team was taken on a tour around the school by the school’s principle Mr February. It was humbling to see how much dedication and love the teachers and staff have for the school and their learners. They face challenging circumstances on a daily basis and yet they all seem so positive and one can feel the passion.

The greatest challenge facing the school at the moment is theft. They cannot use some of the classrooms as thieves have broken through the roofs and have stolen everything from desks to electrical wiring, thus, leaving half the school in darkness and making it near impossible to teach, especially on cold, dark winter mornings.

It was certainly wonderful to see all the smiles on the little faces and we wish to do more to help in the future.

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Published by AQRate KZN

Most companies are currently having their final verifications performed on the Original Codes of Good Practice before the more stringent Amended Codes come into effect on the 1st May 2015. One can understand this when one sees that 65 points on the old system achieved a Level 4 (B-BBEE) status but would now only achieve a Level 7 status. Let’s not forget the impact of the discounting principle and not meeting any of these sub-minimums would mean one more level down –

Chris van Wyk AQRateAs communicated to the sectoral councils, the Revised Codes will no longer become effective on 11 October 2014 but on 30 April 2015. This means that businesses will be able to apply the existing Codes up until 30 April 2015. Thereafter measurement will be only in terms of the Revised Codes. The extension has been granted in an effort to allow the sectoral councils sufficient time to align their sector codes with the revised codes.

For those of you that have not yet familiarised yourselves with the content of these codes we suggest that you use this extension to do so urgently as they represent a significant departure from the set of rules that you are used to.

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